Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding Style: Part 2 - AriaDress

For anyone who got the stink-eye from the wedding boutique ladies for shopping only eight months before the wedding or disliked the weird over-enthusiasm for finding The Dress like it was the love of your life, there is an option called AriaDress:  
Style 173
Style 140
Style 185
If you are like me, and bridal boutiques make you nervous, the friendly and accommodating people at AriaDress make the company a bridal Xanadu.  AriaDress has accomplished an amazing union between modern technology that allows them to provide designs globally, and the fresh, energetic and immediate customer service you find in the shop around the corner.  

There is the high energy, creative flexibility, and excitement about The Wedding that a bride thrives on when planning.  AriaDress designs are simple and structured: perfect for the bride who prefers the clean simplicity of the style pairing of Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn.  For fabric snobs such as myself, they provide three types of silk, satin, and a demure cotton to chose from as well as a variety of skirt and top options and they are financially reasonable.  For creative brides, they offer an embroidered silk option, and artistic style flexibility for those who want a little something special.  From a bride who spent that special day in an AriaDress design, the pocketed dress that I chose for my own wedding (style 185) was both comfortable and beautifying.  They also offer accouterments for the men, ring bearer pillows, dresses for flower girls, petticoats, etc., and a wide array of style options.  They also offer an amazing Try on Program to get around the fright of selecting a dress sight unseen if you are not near their Los Angeles, Boston or D.C. locations; for this program they actually send you an example dress for a nominal fee so you can see how the dress will look.  
Style 161
Brides have a tough time finding what they want through the jungle of The Wedding Industrial Machine, and it is imperative to figure out your priorities.  If your priorities jive with the style options you see in the AriaDress website, you will be very happy with what they offer.  

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