Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cased Colored Lead Crystal

OK, so almost all of the voters of Friday's poll are like Sean and me: mismatched glasses collected from other households, roommates, and pubs...and one set of wine glasses that was a wedding present.  For our sixth month anniversary, I decided to invest in some heirlooms and bought Sean these cased colored lead crystal wine glasses.  These are gorgeously crafted, a little difficult to find, and definitely an investment.  I have loved this style for ages, but never really thought to track them down to buy until Sean fell in love with them.  He has a friend who has collected these glasses for years.  The gentleman has a gorgeous cabin in the wilderness of the Upper Peninsula that makes my heart happy.  I thought lifestyles of Tweed could only be found in Wodehouse, Waugh, or some crusty English club that had long since lost its vigor and stands more as a bored monument of the past.  But these do still exist for leisure.  The gentleman has created this cabin of  wood paneling, built-in bookshelves, copper pans, and old leather furniture as a monument to civility and hospitality.  In the midst of the untamed wilderness of the UP, this gentleman and his guests eat, drink from these gems, and talk of finer things, then, in the morning, work.  
Anyways, I did some research and these colored glasses are about the best to enjoy with a glass of wine.  If you want to get them, be sure you get the right ones as there are cheaper versions; you want cased colored lead crystal rather than something like cut to clear glass.  Cased colored means the artist hand blows the clear crystal, then hand blows a top layer of colored crystal, and that is cut through to create the design.  Cut to clear glass means a layer is added after the glass has been completed.      
I bought these from an eBay seller  by the name of TheCrystalLady.  She is very helpful and got the glasses to me within 3 days.

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Angèle said...

I love these glasses! and I love the idea of consciously investing in heirlooms.