Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Origins of Tweed

D'you know what things inspire me style-wise?  Tweed, suede elbow patches, Oxford drunks, pipes and pipe smoke, cigarette cases, port, Evelyn Waugh, wood paneling, leather furniture, stone fireplaces, cased colored lead crystal,  argyle, P.G. Wodehouse, square-ish  wool sweaters, wingtip shoes, rainy weather, whiskey, canes, brightly painted doors in an otherwise bland stone exterior.  You can buy these crushable walking hat made of 100% Donegal tweed and these Tweed throws online.    

It might at first seem that my style sensibility is directing me toward the fashion of a 70 year old man after being brainwashed with Brideshead Revisited  Yes, much of these things seem more suited to St. Andrews Links with fuming Scotsmen, but the drizzly charm of this visual genre is not only captivating, it is very versatile.  Look at these tweed! shoes from Ruche.  (I would like a job for which I must purchase and collect these pretty things for the sake of posterity, please.)  Done with a light touch, it can even be sexy.  Behold a creation of Dolce and Gabbana featured in, um, Vogue was it?:
All those unexpected occasions when I had to dress up, rifling grumbling through my closet knowing full well I did not have a dress I actually wanted to wear all evening, this was the dress I wanted and did not know!  Opera, gala, formal, wedding?  Whatever!  

Also, here is a peak at the fabric that inspired my tweed reverie:
It is Irish linen I bought from a fabric warehouse ($5/yd!) and I am hoping to make it into a full length dress.  I cannot accomplish the D&G dress as that looks to be silk, but I will see what I can do.  I will post when I silence on the subject will mean that it is lying in a wad at the bottom of my closet in a frustrated heap.

P.S. The word tweed is an 1830s misprint of the word "tweele", the Scottish word for twill.  

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