Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tweed, Cont'd

Behold!  Here is my visualization for that delicious Irish linen that I mentioned earlier.

OK, I did this draping the same day I did that post on the Dolce and Gabanna dress, and I have not gotten any further, but Walter Plunkett bought his fabric and be-laboringly studied it until inspiration overtook him, yeah, that is my justification.
Please tell me what you think!  I want opinions!

And, by the way, the belt is from Ruche.  Can you tell I am obsessed with that place?!


Margaret Perry said...

oh wow! We had a beautiful raw silk plaid like that that was my grand mothers. Only a small piece, though--so I never knew what to do with it. Anyway, I love the dress!

Meghan McNally said...

Raw silk is amazing! The fabric store where I shop almost always carries some version of plaid raw silk and I always have a hard time not buying yards of it every time I visit.