Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Essence of Autumn

My first outfit post is part of Kristy of Vogue Gone Rogue's The Essence of Autumn contest.  I was planning on being all well-prepared and what not and do this weeks ahead of time, but of course the delinquent in me twisted this and finagled that (I am actually just crap at planning) so that naturally I just met the deadline much like the term papers I squeezed under college profs doors back in the day.  Autumn brings out the academic in me naturally so let's just say it was a piece of performance art.  Aren't you impressed?

Autumn is a bewitching season, and stands apart from the others.  In spring, summer and winter you can find the broad analogies of the three ages of men: the innocence and struggles of childhood, the intoxicating freedom of youth, and the slowing maturity of experience.  Autumn stands apart because she shakes us loose with hauntings of memory.  It is feverish with dreams.  Even here in a region without seasons, Autumn is still here; the ghosts are in the scents.    
Sweater: Gap
Tank: J.Crew
Cardigan: Mossimo
Sweater Vest: Lulumari
Pants: J.Crew
Shoes: Thrifted Doc Martens
Necklace: Meghan McNally
Earrings: Meghan McNally
Satchel: Korchmar 

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4) Check out the other blog posts below!  There are some great autumnal photos here. 


Louise said...

I already follow you on Bloglovin, but I will like your post! :-) Good luck Meg!

Meghan McNally said...

Thanks, Weez! P.S. I could use some tips on outfit posts from you...just sayin'.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Hello! I'm am also participating in Vogue Gone Rogue's blogging event. Best of luck to you!

Fashion Butter said...

Ha! I totally did the same thing. I was hoping to plan something cool, but life got in the way so I was only able to snap a few quick shots. I almost dropped out, but luckily Kristy talked me out of it and I am so glad she did! Love meeting me bloggy friends because of it!

kristy eléna said...

honey.... i love your style! and i think it's awesome that you WEREN'T well planned for this. i think some of the most inspired fashion comes out of when we're scrambling for what the hell to wear. at least, that's how i feel. but i am at heart a procrastinator. =P

anyway, back to you. you are GORGEOUS! your eyes are like pools of blue. i love them. especially contrasting against your gorgeous dark hair. that vest is adorable, the bag is perfect and i love the pants. i used to have a pair of pants similar to these, but i wore them too much and they got hole-y in a not cute way. i also love that you've paired all these brownish hues with a rich blue sweater. i think blue and brown look fantastic together. =)

great job and goodluck darling!!!!

Emily, Midwest Vogue said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog - good luck to you as well! I don't know how to reply to comments on my own blog so I always have to write back on the other person's blog and hope they see it! To answer your question - I'm living in Minnesota, so yep, the fall colors are very vibrant but they end so quickly :(

London said...

totally agree...i planned to plan and then didn't. hahahaha. you look great though! love the detail shots!
-young dumb love

RidingPretty said...

I love your satchel! Well done post!
I stopped by via Vogue Gone Rogue's blogging event. Nice to meet you!

Lyda said...

I love this post, and your style is amazing! kisses

Meghan McNally said...

Thanks for the loving! :)

Haine accesibile Online said...

Hi darling,
I'm so glad you like my photos. You have nice photos as well. Good luck:)

joninel said...

love your bag :D

Sassi said...

lovely vest!

Glamour Bbey. said...

How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

Thanks and love,

Camilla said...

nice blog megan!
I totally loved your post ;)


Anonymous said...

oh wow. i absolutely love that bag & those shoes!

thanks so much for the comment. i'll like your entry if you like mine? :)

agnes said...

j'adore ton pantalon et ton sac.
Très jolies photos.

Jana and Vanessa said...

Nice bag! Keep it up and thanks for sharing!
All the best
Midnight Couture Girls

selim köroglu said...

i like ur blog and follow hope u like my blog and follow


2012fashionfencer said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Sorry for the late reply, my computer has been dead for a week. Great outfit - I'm in love with your tweed trousers and your jewellery is incredible!

I'm having a Marc Jacobs giveaway, in case you are interested. You can check it out here: http://theblogofobsessivecoolness.blogspot.com/2010/11/marc-jacobs-giveaway.html

Laura @ Obsessive Coolness

The militant working boy said...

Vogue gone Rogue... what a neat idea. Your look is tres chic.

Morgan Jordan said...

You have such beautiful eyes!

Following you. www.stylocrat.blogspot.com :)

Nnenna said...

I love your bag!!

Clara B. said...

amazing eyes!