Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am currently ill with a something or other and my mind is about as sharp and focused as an undercooked pancake, so I won't inflict the results of my addled brain-matter on you too much.  (I assume most people are like me and are mentally flat-lining/easily distracted whilst sick, on top of being irrationally cranky.  I have been trying to motivate myself to make chicken soup out of our Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner and just realized that instead I have spent almost the past six hours lumbering through the internet.  I need to make tea and go to bed with a Wodehouse novel before I implode with frustrated intentions.)  (Omg, I just realized my apartment complex shut off the water, because I needed something else to make me feel gross and deprived.)  (This can make me a better person.  Calmete.)  

Regardless of my current health conditions, I wanted to share some lovely things with you on this final day of November.  When I met my friend Maggie, one of the first things I noticed looking around her dorm room was that she has killer taste, sort of an effortless barometer for chic while mixing it up with modern and otherwise.  She also had the coolest vintage Guinness ad I have seen to this date, apropos of nothing.  Anyway, this preface is to explain why it is that I keep filching from neat things she sends me.  Observe: Wrist Worms, also featured on Sacramento Street weird name, cool product.  Hand-crocheted by Sandra Juto in Sweden of 100% wool, and her website is full of lovely photography!
Wrist Worms by Sandra Juto


The militant working boy said...

There is nothing like knitted things and chicken soup when you are sick in November.
Hope you are feeling better soon!

Café Bouclé said...

Hello sweetie!
omg, I like so much these pieces in wool! they're so coloured!
I saw that you write a lot on your blog. why don't you install a translator on your page? :)
it would be good for who speacks only an easy English (like me).
Kiss and see you soon!

Meghan McNally said...

Thanks, MWB. So far they have helped a little.

And, CB, that is a good idea. I will look into that.