Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shabby Apple

I heard of Shabby Apple after they asked if I wanted to join their affiliate program, and I went to their website.  Company owners Emily and CK were tired of dealing with dresses that were just a little too short or always required a tank top under or a cardigan over for fear of being a bit too, shall we say, hello there, and wanted to provide dresses that managed to be an actual one-piece outfit.  Not only that, they are very new-designer-friendly and are even running a design contest right now.  I haven't seen their clothes in the flesh so to speak so I can't personally vouch for the quality but the styles look adorable.  Plus, I love dresses-with-enough-coverage-not-to-require-additional-modesty-garments.  I am so tired of clothes that your girlfriends tell you are "totally cute, and in style right now" in the mall, but make you uncomfortable to stop at a 7-Eleven for fear of a guy getting the wrong idea and following you to your car.

Here are two of their LBDs as an example:
Marco Polo
Black Oak


Angelie said...

The one on the left- WANT.

Meghan McNally said...

Right? So pretty!

kristy eléna said...

love these dresses you've posted! and your little rant about stopping at 7/11. congrats on your new affiliate program. =)

Vogue Gone Rogue

Louise said...

Yes, the one on the left!!!

Meghan McNally said...

Next time I need a dress I think I'm stopping here. And the 7Eleven thing is a sore point with me as I used to live near a slightly terrifying one, and I'm one of those girls who is totally freaked out by being hit on much less followed, Burly Man Buying Cigarettes in Wife-Beater. I mean, c'mon, at least buy me a beer or try to confuse me by charmingly chatting me up!