Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hallowe'en: Decorations, Etc. from Plasticland

I have been sifting through a variety of Hallowe'en stuffs and was happy to find Plasticland, a resource for WalMart priced items without the horrors of the ridiculously cheap and tacky.  Plasticland is more on the kitschy side, but fun.  I went to town on this little blogshopping trip, but Halloween decorating and costumes is all about the accessories:
Mercury Lithograph Candleholder/Vase
These curtains are kind of meh but I liked that I could not tell that it has a cobwebs and skull pattern on it at first.  Halloween decoration by stealth.
Batty Skulls Black Lace Curtains
Glass Skeleton Serving Platters
This one kind of reminds me of Scared Stiff the Jerry Lewis/Dean Martin Halloween vehicle which is an awesome movie I totally forgot to mention before.  Hi-larious.
Baroque Noir Candlestick Lighter
A skull is just a great decoration to have all year round, as a Byronic salute to the darker aspects of the Romantic period.  
Glossy Black Human Skull
I love Lewis Carroll-esque decorations, again more an all year round sort of thing:
Oversized Pocket Watch Style Wall Clock 
This one would give me nightmares, but since my readers largely agree on Psycho as a Hallowe'en classic:
Psycho Shower Curtain
Again, not particularly Halloween, but this mannequin is just vaguely creepy:
60s Style Mannequin Head
Costume accessory for your legs, that I would totally want to wear with a normal outfit:
White Jersey Spat Legwarmers
 Beverage decorations:
Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Trays
A disguise for your food:
Cakewich Bread Shaped Cake Pan
These are just adorable:
Creepy Cute Crochet Craft Book
And a random awesome book to give to a hypochondriac:
The Complete Manual of Things That Might Kill You


Maggie said...

As a dedicated Hypo, I would ask for the manual for Christmas... except that my doctors would probably forbid it ;)

Meghan McNally said...

Lol, that one is my favorite. The description is hilarious:

"This guide to self-diagnosis for hypochondriacs eliminates the need to search through volumes of medical reference materials. Instead, this revolutionary book is dedicated entirely to the hypochondriac’s unique perspective on health, with over 300 deadly diseases profiled, conveniently organized by symptom (real or imagined), even the mildest hypochondriac’s fantasy life will be ignited. We’re all going to die of something - why not choose an ailment that’s rare and hard to pronounce? Includes fascinating spotlights on terrifying medical phenomena. Makes the perfect gift for friends who complain a lot ♥"

Meghan McNally said...
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