Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hats: Weird

Hats are a clothing article that I really want to like.  And by hats I mean things that you would not don for the sole purpose of protecting your tender scalp from the scorching heat of the Texas sun or the bitterness of a Midwestern winter.  Hats just as an accessory usually seem superfluous to me, which is a terrible shame really.  When I do see someone successfully pulling off a hat, I think brava (or bravo, which is a bit less likely).  Unfortunately, my perusal of Modcloth today did not help my conditioned prejudice:

I looked at this cute little hat and the only thing I could think of was George Costanza's rat hat.
OK, I could not find a picture of the rat hat (stills of Seinfeld episode are really hard to find online) so this is the original $4000 Russian sable hat, but you get the idea.  The former hat is ruined for me unless I see you in a place like Ekaterinburg in Spring, Winter, or Autumn.

Then there is this one.

Hats in the Belfry
This hat is hand wash only, apparently.


Louise said...

Ba ha ha! I completely forgot about George and his rat hat! Oh, so funny. Thanks for linking to me, by the way. I just love wearing hats... I think I "pull it off" by wearing what I love and not really caring if others find it "not flattering". What the hell IS flattering, anyway?

Daftpunkett said...

Funny, just this last week at mass I saw a girl with the mini hat on. Of course, she looked fairly ridiculous, there was nothing very flattering about it. Maybe the mini hat is a trend that I am clueless to.
I have one hat that I love, I always get compliments but it is strictly a winter hat and must be worn with a nice outfit. It is not a hat to wear all the time. sigh

Meghan McNally said...

Yep, Weez. If you feel like you can pull it off, you are pulling it off. That's why Cate Blanchett always looks awesome. :)

I guess the shrunken hat is a fad now? My mom said that she saw someone shopping at the grocery store wearing one. I generally am not hugely crazy about things that look like they were just laundered wrong.

Angelie said...

I have seen a growing, disturbing trend of mini top hats on barrets, with large fascinator veils attached- but this was only inside Forever 21 and Claire's, until I saw the goth contingent at the Scottish-Irish fest wearing them. It looked ridiculously affected.

Right now, my favorite hat is a blue tam'o'shanter with red pompom and red band. I think everyone should have at least two classics- one brimmed hat (fedoras and coppolas are nice) and one non-brimmed, like a cloche or a simple beret in a suitable color.

annierama said...

I love them all but my favourite one is the first one! really perfect for winter!
amaazing blog! check out mine ;)