Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Frye Sandals

I love The Frye Company (introduced to me by my wonderful friend Louise).
It is bordering on the obsessive, but I have a major weak spot for companies that have an extensive history, like Ray-Bans + General MacArthur.  It's the nerdy part of me.  I mean, I love clothes, but frankly, I need something to spark my intellectual curiosity to really hold my interest: thus the magic of costume design.   I mean, come on, Frye boots were worn by Union and Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.  How amazing is that?!
Super amazing is the answer to that question.

P.S. I got these from Piperlime...for $20.00.

Photography by Meghan McNally


Louise said...

I enthusiastically concur with everything you said about the Frye Company! I love scouring Ebay for old vintage Frye riding boots. The sandals are great, and I love the color!

Black Mona said...

Those sandals are AMAZING. Where DID you get them???

Meghan McNally said...

Teach me the ways of ebay, Weezy!

Mona, I added you a post script on the post. ;)