Monday, December 27, 2010

On the 2nd Day of Christmas:

I have written a personality quiz for you!  Yes, me, my own self, I tirelessly studied the intricacies of human interaction in order to present you with this quiz about you.  You're welcome.  I actually wrote it as an excuse to make use of an observation I found terribly funny, and I meant to post it directly on the blog, but the site is being terribly wenchy so I have been unable to embed it properly, but here is the link to it in the meantime: 4 Temperaments Quiz.

I have been familiar with the 4 Temperaments since about age 14, so when it came up during our marriage prep, Sean and I flew through the section, and were all, "Tell us something we don't know, marriage prep group leaders!"  They didn't and in fact said a few things that were either wrong or have been widely debunked, which was a nice source of distraction for me and my special man friend.  I'm sure that wasn't annoying at all for the instructors, as we were right in the front row, and Sean doesn't know how to whisper.  Anyway, after the test, they ordered the four types to separate and stand in the four corners of the rooms and point to their affianced (perhaps a ploy to shut up Sean and I).  The group of roughly 100 couples was divided very equally among the 4 types and almost everyone was with someone of a different temperament.  So one thing we did learn was that the reactions of each of the temperaments in determining their types and then grouping together was absurdly consistent.  Even people who had never heard of the 4 Temperaments were acting as though they'd studied all the cliches and behaved accordingly.  See quiz for elaboration.  

The best and most complex quiz for the 4 Temperaments I have ever found is on Catholic Match, which calculates in percentages which two temperaments you are, so that’s fun (it's hard to get around the website without signing up, so good luck on that).  For a couple, it is really helpful to know and understand each other’s temperament because it softens the frustrations that arise and make you go, “What is wrong with you?  Why are you the way you are?!?!?!?!/Why are you like this?!?!”  Knowing and understanding your honey’s temperament can help answer that question a lot of time, and sooth the urge to imagine that your baby is just doing that to annoy you.  The 4 Temperaments is very limited, however, and honestly the Myers-Briggs is so much more satisfyingly in depth, so I recommend checking that one out too.          

Anyway, if you do take the test, leave a comment and tell me if it seemed accurate.

Merry Christmas, all!


Black Mona said...

Sanguine: Life of the Party. You are social, outgoing, and usually sunny.

At you worst, you are irresponsible and do not follow through your obligations. At your best, you are a compassionate and generous friend, known for your kindness.
“OMG, that is so me! My nickname in school was The Butterfly, and at first I thought it was because I dress really colorfully, but then my best friend told me it was because I can’t sit still!” The sanguine then immediately begin chatting about their latest life developments

While I love this description of me, I really hope there are more layers to my personality! Lol....probably not. Ah well, ce la vie! Happy 3rd day of Christmas, darling!

Meghan McNally said...

The limitations of a little online quiz is the need to squish only the most obvious of chacteristics.

My temperaments does not come out like a superhero either, trust me. :-) There is always plenty of room for layers though.

Angèle said...

Melancholic: Philosopher. You are analytical, idealistic, and naturally intellectual.

At your worst, you are pessimistic and reclusive. At your best, you are motivated by integrity, you are perceptive, and sensitive to others’ suffering.
“How depressing. The name has the word melancholy in it. I’m going to take the test again, because I was really uncertain of my answers the first time.” They then agitatedly began dissecting the meaning of the test, and wondering What This All Means regarding THEIR FUTURE.

That's so me, it's ridiculous. "How do I improve so that I'm always at my best and not pessimistic and reclusive?" Actually, I think I'm pretty optimistic, but I definitely have the tendency to become a recluse. I can take the "work before play" thing too far. I do have a very artistic side, though. I think that stems from the perceptiveness and sensitivity. Things move me deeply. Ok, I'm stopping here, before I analyze this to smithereens! ;-)

Merry Christmas!

Meghan McNally said...

Lol! Exactly, Angele! Melancholics can drive themselves nuts, but humor is the best diffusion for all that.

Newspaper Cut Outs said...

Phlegmatic: Peacemaker. You are mellow, even-tempered, and unflappable where others lose their temper.
At your worst, you avoid conflict to a fault, becoming listless and indecisive. At your best, you are the perfect peace-maker, able to diffuse volatile situations with calm logic and dry wit.
“Cool.” The phlegmatics remained serenely unruffled and chat about the mechanics of the test itself.

-----------------------------------Its kinda like me I suppose. I guess i'm really mellow and peaceful usually and I"m not really bothered by much. but i do know that when i'm truly upset i get really explosive and completely out of my element. thank goodness i'm not usually upset.

what did you end up with?

kristy eléna said...

hi darling! sorry i haven't been around much lately, things got all crazy with the contest and all. but now its over and they announce the results tuesday so ive had a little bit of time to get back to my blogroll.

anyway, this is so interesting! i'm going to take the quiz i think!!! and if i do i'll come back and tell you the results.

personally, i think you guys sound really cute and though the instructors may not have liked it, i personally think they deserved it for having their info wrong! =P

Kristy Elena – Full Time Fabulous
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Twitter: @kristyelena

Meghan McNally said...

NCO, the 4 temperaments gets really limited when your combination of two start to conflict, so I feel you. I'm Melancholic/Choleric, or more accurately, INTP.

Kristy! You're alive! I checked out the Sunglasses Hut contest, and it looks like you are doing spectacularly!