Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blog of the Day!

I would like to have some kind of organized theme for this blog because my mind adores categories.  Something like favorite styles on Mondays, featured products with photographs on Tuesdays, featured artists/designers on Wednesdays, nothing particular for Thursdays because Thursday doesn't count as a day, and movie recommendations on Fridays.  Unfortunately, while my analytic mind adores categories and likes to imagine sleek organization, I am easily distracted and my ambition holds no follow-through so it's more like transporting water in a sieve.  If you could read the blog in my head, you would be amazed I tell you.  

That was an attempt at explaining the slightly illogical post title.  I can't really have a blog of the day if I've never featured another blog before.  It's more like blog of the blog.  The gist is my dear friend Monica sent me a blog post and I have been reading the blog, Hyperbole and a Half almost ever since.  This blogger is hilarious, and reminds me of the startling witty, over-the-top and somehow still amusingly understated humor of my friend Mel and the manic intensity of my friend Elizabeth.  And she illustrates her posts which is darling.  I recommend you check her out.

Thursday out.        


Margaret E. Perry said...

i have a blog of the week. but it turns out to be more of a blog of the month. but you'll get into the habit of featuring different things, regularly, and soon it will grow into a sort of schedule naturally. and by soon I mean, it took me 5 years, but still...

Meghan McNally said...

I hope I eventually fall into some kind of discernible order. At the moment I feel like it's just more mental Tourette's.