Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanks! #1: Tweed Rides

The First Tweed Run, 2009
My lovely friend Maggie sent me a link to ReadysetDC's post on D.C.'s 2010 Tweed Ride (fair warning, there are some inexplicable near-nudey pictures towards the end, so nsfw, and shield the children's eyes).  I had first heard of a Tweed Ride on RidingPretty's blog during the Essence of Autumn contest, and, you all know I love my tweed so I looked into this Tweed Ride thing.  The very first Tweed Run was held in London in 2009, an organized group bike ride through the city with participants dressed in tweedy cycling attire, specifically from 1920s England.  Since then, Tweed Rides have become something of a minor global explosion with Tweed Rides popping up in cities like Sacramento, San Francisco, Dallas, Philadelphia, D.C., Boston, Chicago, Portland, as well as Toronto, Sydney, New York, and Tokyo to name a few (here is another of Riding Pretty's posts of various Tweed Ride posters).  A few of these rides also overlap with a some pretty sweet Cycling Fashion Shows.
image via dustinj,, SF Tweed Ride
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Louise said...


What a fantastic idea! Except for the inexplicable nudies.

Meghan McNally said...

I KNOW! How much fun would this be. And I totally want an excuse to concentrate on developing tweed/steampunk/random-awesome outfits.