Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween: Featured Artist William Bezek

I stumbled upon artist William Bezek's Etsy shop Wormwood Hollow when browsing through Etsy, and I pretty much love his work, especially his Halloween pieces.  Then I find that though formerly of California, he now resides in the Cleveland area, and peppers his blog William Bezek the Artist with occasional photos of my beautiful hometown which I miss terribly during the Autumn season.  My main problem in posting his work was that I wanted to post like 30 pictures and had to limit myself.

Scary, right?  Well, not this last one which is called "Hello, Goodbye" and is quite lovely.  

Alright, lambs, I need to sign off for the night.  I am in the middle of reviewing the Alien quadrilogy.  I know, that movie was not on a single one of my Hallowe'en movie lists, but they had to be watched nonetheless.  I have a crush on Sigourney Weaver, so my traumatization via Psycho will have to wait another weekend.    

Ciao, and a Happy Hallow's E'en to you!

Images reproduced with permission by the artist. 


Allison Joy said...

I love the very first candle piece! It would make a great addition to my Halloween decor. How was your Halloween?

You can check mine out @
Manic in The City! Nice stopping by!!

Meghan McNally said...

Isn't it adorable?

The militant working boy said...

OK, this is the physical manifestation of awesomeness.

William Bezek said...

I found this in my web travels, that guy sure sounds familiar. Thanks for the feature, I appreciate it!