Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hallowe'en Chic

I am really excited about Halloween this year, and this makes me really really miss my friend and former roommate Angel.  She loves celebrating holidays and she really gets into Halloween.  As in, I watched her pull off a Geisha costume with full make-up all day at work, with nary a smudge.  I am a fidget queen and I am in awe of her accomplishment.  Anyway, I am a bit of a holiday grinch, but I feel my heart may be growing 3 sizes this day.  
Did some research on Halloween, got the usual yada yada: Celtic pagan harvest celebration appropriated by Christianity into a harvest/Day of the Dead holiday.  The connection with the dead being from the ancient Celtic belief (and this is lazy Wikipedia research so take it for what it is) that the border between this world and the Otherworld is thinnest at this time of year and because of that much fire was lit, alcohol imbibed, and costumes donned to ward off the less friendly spirits which is totally my kind of party.  Christianity, with its spiritual connection with the dead: sainted and purgatorial, infused a particular unity with souls in these realms into the celebration, with an acknowledgment of the dangers of evil spirits.  The term "Hallowe'en" is a 16th century Scottish word meaning "All Hallow's Even" which simply means the day before All Saints Day, November 1st.    The day after that is most popularly know as the Mexican Día de los Muertos which is just the Spanish term for All Souls Day.  So it is actually an epic three day holiday to remind us mortals of our connection with the dead. 
Holidays seem to get very cheesy and populated by tacky plastic disposable decorations when cultures forget why they are celebrating them so I want to find a chic, authentic way to celebrate Halloween.  
Snap Apple Night Daniel Maclise 
Dear Lovely
Currently, seeking chic, sweet/scary Halloween harvest paraphernalia.
By the way, Lyda82 restocked Señorita Skeleton and has created a few more pieces.            


Louise said...

Ah yes, if only Halloween could be properly executed. Angel does it so well!

The militant working boy said...

I thank my stars every 31st of October that the Celtic Pagans didn't have Wal Mart.

Angelie said...

Thank you; I drown in flattery! Now, I do think that of all things purple should be avoided- the purple-orange combination is the polyester leisuresuit of halloween decor. I've been scouting Goodwill and thrift stores for little curious and suitable items. Candlesticks, antiqued lamps and indian corn are good, so is any type of skull motif. Avoid at all costs the repulsive halloween piggy banks and nutcrackers at Target.

Meghan McNally said...

I agree with all of you!