Monday, October 11, 2010

Danse Macabre, Follow-Up

What I value most from my little blogging experiment so far is reconnecting with old friends and making new ones through the bonds of similar interests.  One new friend, Lyda82 whose jewelry was featured here, blogged about her culture’s version of the Danse Macabre, their relationship with the dead and what it meant to her own family, in The Killing Fields, Dia de Los Muertos, Death and Love. « Lyda82.  Her blog on her own family's past difficulties and triumphs leaving Cambodia made the whole Danse Macabre very personal and was a lovely mediation on why cultures think on these things.  It is a great blessing to be able to enjoy the peace and freedom of the United States (or any time and place that is peaceful), but it is something that is very easy to take for granted.  Many people initially immigrated to the U.S. because they were fleeing some type of persecution in their homeland.  Most of us are much further removed from the persecution previously suffered by family, but it is a good reminder, both as a means of increased respect for the sacrifices made by ancestors and to get a better understanding of the weight of history to recall the past.  As Lyda says so well this can be done as a celebration of victory.



Lyda said...

I am really glad we have become friends! I always enjoy your posts and they are so meaningful and fun. I get inspired by your writings!Thank you so much for taking the time to appreciate my piece as well as my art!

Amber Rose said...

I stumbled across your blog through a comment you left on another gal's I follow, and I have to say that I'm really glad I did. Can't wait to keep reading more. :)

-Amber Rose

The militant working boy said...

It's really too bad that Halloween has been so corrupted by commercialism. It could be a much needed reminder for Americans of putting death back into perspective. Death is only the beginning of legacy.

Meghan McNally said...

Lyda, got the Senorita Skeleton earrings and I LOVE THEM!

Amber Rose, welcome to the party! I am so happy you've joined!

MWB, I totally agree with you. Holidays can go a long way in grounding people again. Celebrations are SO important to people; I saw that a LOT at my wedding.