Monday, September 27, 2010


The parental unit is currently visiting and since I am no longer a teenager (thank you for the merciful progression of chronology, Father Time!) and therefore no longer trying to establish myself as an independent person! Gosh!  I am enjoying their company immensely and do not have much time to blog.

In my guilt at being unable to juggle both a family visit and the blog, I decided to give up a super secret beauty regimen I recently learned. It's crazy, so brace yourself: Hot Water.  I know.  After years of laziness and misguided attempts at frugality, I realized my face was probably worth some time and money to prettify, but I hit many a roadblock.  With unbelievably sensitive and easily aggravated skin (thanks for the genes, Mom and Dad! Gosh!...I'm kidding, I love you.), I wish I had thought of turning my self-experimentation into a fiscal profit which would have made that horrible reaction just before my wedding slightly less annoying.  My skin and especially my face is the canary in the coal mine for harsh ingredients.  I've tried all sorts of expensive products and many varieties of benign but essentially useless "organic" whatzits.  My linen closet looks like a pharmacy's graveyard.  Anyway, I do not know why water was not an option sooner, but here we are.
Steam your face for ten full minutes once a week.  I just use a pot of boiling water with a towel thrown over to keep the steam in.  Immediately after that apply a face mask (like Origins Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask - I'd go into the details of why charcoal is awesome for pulling impurities from your skin, but it's late and I'm tired, so maybe later).  The effect is immediate, and it gets better every week.  The first morning I tried it, my skin looked so clear and bright Sean asked me right away if I had done anything different and if I was already dolled up for the day, (any girl who has the compulsion to "put on her face" every morning knows how great that is to hear) and which I found so flattering I think I twirled my hair and batted my eyes a bit.        
So you're welcome.  

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