Monday, July 5, 2010

Color Palette

Does anyone else find themselves doing this?  I go for a little 4th of July sales shopping trip for nothing in particular, and find that unintentionally, I shopped exclusively in one color palette.  Does this indicate style foresight and mental orderliness or a sort of fashion colorblindness? 


Margaret Perry said...

I totally do this. I think part of it is because each store, boutiques excepeted, has a limited color range. So this season whenever I went to JCrew I always grabed soft pinks, purples and olives. But I find that I even do it at Macy's. I'll end up with a dressing room full of reds and pinks when I was actually looking for a black skirt.

Meghan Leigh said...

Yes, and the bad thing is, now that I pick up things for Sean during these shopping trips too, we end up with a real danger of matchy-matching everything.